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JavaScript Screen object

The JavaScript Screen object is used to fetch information related to the browser screen on which the current window is rendered.

It provides information about the dimensions of the display screen such as its height, width, color bits, etc.

To access the Screen object, you use the screen property of the window object like this





Property Description
availHeight this specifies the height of screen, not including the windows taskbar
availWidth this specifies the width of the screen, not including the windows taskbar
colorDepth this specifies the depth of color palette, in bits, to display images
height this specifies the total height of the screen
pixelDepth this specifies the color resolution, in bits per pixel, of the screen
width this specifies the total width of the screen



    document.writeln("<br/>screen.width: "+screen.width);  
    document.writeln("<br/>screen.height: "+screen.height);  
    document.writeln("<br/>screen.availWidth: "+screen.availWidth);  
    document.writeln("<br/>screen.availHeight: "+screen.availHeight);  
    document.writeln("<br/>screen.colorDepth: "+screen.colorDepth);  
    document.writeln("<br/>screen.pixelDepth: "+screen.pixelDepth);  

For me this displayed the following

screen.width: 2560
screen.height: 1440
screen.availWidth: 2560
screen.availHeight: 1400
screen.colorDepth: 24
screen.pixelDepth: 24

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