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10 great Youtube videos to help you learn C# part 1

There are a lot of great resources on youtube for C#, you don’t have to pay for some expensive course with some of our suggestions below there are literally hours of content in this first selection for C#.

C# Tutorial – Full Course for Beginners

A 4 hour plus course by freecodecamp taht will you teach you all the basics of C#, this is an excellent resource, you will learn these topics. Clear discussion and code is on the screen.

Here are the contents of the video which are taken from the link belwo.

Installation & Setup
Drawing a Shape
Data Types
Working With Strings
Working With Numbers
Getting User Input
Building a Calculator
Building a Mad Lib
Return Statement
If Statements
Building a Better Calculator
Switch Statements
While Loops
Building a Guessing Game
For Loops
Building an Exponent Method
2d Arrays
Exception Handling
Classes & Objects
Object Methods
Getters & Setters
Static Class Attributes
Static Methods & Classes


Learn C# Basics in 1 Hour – C# Tutorial For Beginners

This video lasts for one hour in which time you will learn about the following topics

Difference between C# and .NET
Architecture of .NET Applications
Your First C# Program
Variables and Constants
Demo of Variables and Constants
Type Conversion
Demo of Type Conversion

Clear and easy to understand instructor with clear examples on the screen


Create a C# Application from Start to Finish – Complete Course

Thios video lasts nearly 24 hours and goes through building an app from planning stage to the actual coding and debuggging, this is a great idea and a fantastic resource. Hands on examples are always a great way to learn any programming langauge

Here are some of the contents

01 – Initial Planning
Overview Planning
Data Design
User Interface Design
Logic Planning
Class Library Creation
Form Building
SQL Database Design
Prize Form Wire Up
SQL Connection
Text Connection
Create Team Form
Create Tournament Form
Dashboard Form
Tournament Viewer
Error Handling
Emailing Users
Wrapping Up


How to Code a Web Browser in C# .NET w/ Visual Studio

Learn to build a web browser, move from the console to the gui with one of the basic apps you start writing, this 30 minute video will tell you all you need to know


Create CPU & Memory Monitor w/ Speech in C# .NET

Its the guy from the video above again this time you build a CPU and memory monitor app in C#, a little bit of a different example from the usual.


C# Tutorial

Another 1 hour plus of C# learning on topics like

User input,Data Types, Math, Casting, If, Switch, Ternary Operator, While, Do While, For Loops, Foreach, Strings, Formatting Strings, StringBuilder, Arrays, Lists, Exception Handling, Converting to Data Types, Classes, Objects, Getters, Setters, Constructors, Static, Overloading Methods, Object Initializer, Inheritance, Calling Superclass Methods, Overriding Class Methods, Abstract Classes, Interfaces, Generics, Enums, Structs, Anonymous Methods, Lambda Expressions, File I/O and more.

Code is well presented in the videos and the author clearly communicates what he is doing


Create a Screen Recorder in C#

Another interesting 50 minute video example where you create a screen recorder using FFMPEG and C#


C# Design Patterns – step by step

A 2.5 hour video on Design Patterns in C# which is discussed in a manner that beginners can understand


Memory Game with Windows Forms

A nice example for learning C#, you will create a classic game where you have to find the matching pair.


Creating Game Tic Tac Toe with WPF

The classic tic tac toe game in C# using WPF, a good example clearly explained. Just over an hour this one



So there you have it 10 youtube videos on C#, check out the rest of the content they have in their channels, some of them have cracking stuff

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