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List of compilers, IDEs and build systems for C++


This is a useful list of compilers, build systems and IDE’s for C++


List of C or C++ compilers

  • 8cc – A Small C Compiler.
  • c – Compile and execute C “scripts” in one go! [MIT]
  • Clang – A C compiler for LLVM. Supports C++11/14/1z C11. Developed by LLVM Team. [NCSA]
  • GCC – GNU Compiler Collection. Supports C++11/14/1z C11 and OpenMP. [GNU GPL3]
  • PCC – A very old C compiler. Supports C99.
  • Intel C++ Compiler – Developed by Intel.
  • LLVM – Collection of modular and reusable compiler and toolchain technologies.
  • Microsoft Visual C++ – MSVC, developed by Microsoft.
  • Open WatCom – Watcom C, C++, and Fortran cross compilers and tools. [Sybase Open Watcom Public License]
  • Oracle Solaris Studio – C, C++ and Fortran compiler for SPARC and x86. Supports C++11. Available on Linux and Solaris. [OTN Developer License]
  • TCC – Tiny C Compiler. [LGPL]

Online Compiler

List of online C or C++ compilers

  • codepad – An online compiler/interpreter, and a simple collaboration tool.
  • coliru – Online compiler/shell with support for various C++ compilers.
  • Compiler Explorer – An interactive compiler with assembly output available.
  • CompileOnline – Compile and Execute C++ online on Linux.
  • Ideone – An online compiler and debugging tool which allows you to compile source code and execute it online in more than 60 programming languages.
  • repl.it – A powerful yet simple tools and platforms for educators, learners, and developers.
  • Rextester – Online compiler which provides several compilers(Clang, GCC, MSVC) and several editors.
  • Rise4Fun – Online Visual C++ compiler.
  • Try It Online – TIO is a family of online interpreters for an evergrowing list of practical and recreational programming languages.
  • Wandbox – An online Clang/GCC compiler with Boost available.


List of C or C++ debuggers

  • Comparison of debuggers – A list of Debuggers from Wikipedia.
  • GDB – GNU Debugger.
  • LLDB – The LLDB Debugger.
  • Metashell – An interactive template metaprogramming shell which includes the MDB metadebugger.
  • Valgrind – A tool for memory debugging, memory leak detection, and profiling.
  • x64dbg – An open-source x64/x32 debugger for windows.

Integrated Development Environment

List of C or C++ nominal IDEs.

  • Anjuta DevStudio – The GNOME IDE. [GPL3]
  • AppCode – an IDE for Objective-C, C, C++, and JavaScript development built on JetBrains’ IntelliJ IDEA platform.
  • Cevelop – Cross-platform C and C++ IDE based on Eclipse CDT with additional plug-ins.
  • CLion – Cross-platform C and C++ IDE from JetBrains.
  • Code::Blocks – A free C, C++ and Fortran IDE.
  • CodeLite – Another cross-plaform, free C and C++ IDE. [GPL2 with an exception for plugins]
  • color_coded – A vim plugin for libclang-based highlighting. [MIT]
  • Dev-C++ – A portable C/C++/C++11 IDE.
  • Eclipse CDT – A fully functional C and C++ IDE based on the Eclipse platform.
  • Geany – Small, fast, cross-platform IDE. [GPL]
  • IBM VisualAge – A family of computer integrated development environments from IBM.
  • Irony-mode – A C/C++ minor mode for Emacs powered by libclang.
  • juCi++ – Cross-platform, lightweight C++ IDE with libclang integration. [MIT]
  • KDevelop – A free, open source IDE.
  • Microsoft Visual Studio – An IDE from Microsoft.
  • NetBeans – An IDE for developing primarily with Java, but also with other languages, in particular PHP, C/C++, and HTML5.
  • Qt Creator ⚡️ – A cross-platform C++, JavaScript and QML IDE which is part of the SDK for Qt.
  • rtags – A c/c++ client/server indexer with for integration with emacs based on clang.
  • Xcode – Developed by Apple.
  • YouCompleteMe – YouCompleteMe is a fast, as-you-type, fuzzy-search code completion engine for Vim.
  • cquery – A C++ code completion engine for vscode, emacs, vim, etc.

Build Systems

  • Bazel – A multi-language, fast and scalable build system from Google. [Apache]
  • Bear – A tool to generate compilation database for clang tooling. [GPLv3]
  • Buck – A fast build system that encourages the creation of small, reusable modules over a variety of platforms and languages including C++ developed and used at Facebook. Written in Java. [Apache]
  • clib – Package manager for the C programming language. [MIT]
  • CMake – Cross-platform free and open-source software for managing the build process of software using a compiler-independent method. [BSD]
  • C++ Archive Network – Cross-platform C++ Dependency Manager with a lot of packages available.
  • Cget – Cmake package retrieval. [Boost] website
  • Conan – C/C++ Package Manager, open sourced. [MIT]
  • CPM – A C++ Package Manager based on CMake and Git.
  • FASTBuild – High performance, open-source build system supporting highly scalable compilation, caching and network distribution.
  • Hunter – CMake driven cross-platform package manager for C++. [BSD-2]
  • MesonBuild – An open source build system meant to be both extremely fast, and, even more importantly, as user friendly as possible.
  • Ninja – A small build system with a focus on speed.
  • Scons – A software construction tool configured with a Python script.
  • Sconsolidator – Scons build system integration for Eclipse CDT.
  • Spack – A flexible package manager that supports multiple versions, configurations, platforms, and compilers. [Apache-2.0/MIT]
  • tundra – High-performance code build system designed to give the best possible incremental build times even for very large software projects.
  • tup – File-based build system that monitors in the background for changed files.
  • Premake – A tool configured with a Lua script to generate project files for Visual Studio, GNU Make, Xcode, Code::Blocks, and more across Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux.
  • Vcpkg – C++ library manager for Windows, Linux, and MacOS. [MIT]
  • waf – Python-based framework for configuring, compiling and installing applications. [BSD] website
  • XMake – A C/C++ cross-platform build utility based on Lua. [Apache]

9 free python tutorials and courses for beginners


So you want to learn python, you are in luck as we present several great free courses and tutorials that we have watched on youtube, there are over 20 hours of tutorials listed below

Python Tutorial for Beginners

A 1 hour and 45 minutes video that covers a huge range of python topics including the following topics

Installing and running Python, PyCharm IDE Installation, Operators in Python, Data Types in Python, Flow Control, Functions in Python, File Handling in Python

These topics break down into smaller subtopics, for example the flow control splits into if statement, if else statement, while statement, for statement, break statement and the continue statement


Learn Python – Full Course for Beginners

A course which lasts for almost 4 and half hours, this excellent and very informative video covers the following topics and many more

Installing Python & PyCharm, Setup & Hello World, Drawing a Shape, Variables & Data Types, Working With Strings,Building a Basic Calculator, Mad Libs Game , If Statements & Comparisons, Building a Guessing Game, 2D Lists & Nested Loops, Building a Translator, Reading Files and Writing to Files ,Classes & Objects ,Building a Multiple Choice Quiz

This is not all of the topics, just a selection that I have picked out


Python Tutorial for Beginners

This is a huge 6+ hour video course, its a must watch which covers a wide range of python related topics. Here is a selection of teh contents

Python Cheat Sheet, Arithmetic Operations, Comparison Operators, Weight Converter Program, Building a Guessing Game, Building the Car Game, For Loops, 2D Lists,Tuples, Emoji Converter, Classes, Constructors, Inheritance, Generating Random Values, Working with Directories, Pypi and Pip, Project 1: Automation with Python, Project 2: Machine Learning with Python , Project 3: Building a Website with Django

Again this is a selection of the contents – as you can see there a few projects and games which you can build along with the instructor


Python for Everybody – Full Course

This python tutorial or course lasts for a jaw dropping 13+ hours – yes 13 hours of free content tolearn pythin on youtube. Once again lets look at a selection of the contents

Variables, Expressions, and Statements, Conditional Execution, Functions, Loops and Iteration, Strings, Reading Files, Python Lists, Dictionaries, Tuples, Regular Expressions, Networked Programs, Using Web Services, Python Objects, Databases and Data Visualization

These contents break down into many sub topics – this is a truly staggering resource for learning python


Python Game Tutorial: Pong

I always think that practical examples are one of the best ways to learn a language – this 40 minute video will teach you how to code a pong game in python


OOP in Python

This video features 1 hr and 45 minutes dicussing all your favorite object orientated programming topics including Objects, Classes, Inheritance and Polymorphism.


Python Flask Tutorial For Beginners

This 35 minute video is an introduction to flask, you will learn about the following topics

Installing Flask, Flask Application, Routing in Flask, Variable Rules in Flask, URL Binding in Flask, HTTP Methods using Flask, Templates in Flask, Static Files in Flask, Request Objects in Flask, Cookies in Flask, Redirects and Errors in Flask and Flask Extensions


MongoDB with Python Crash Course

A huge tutorial which covers using MongoDB with pythin. The video will cover the basics of MongoDB, Modeling data in a document-database and the mongoengine ODM: Map classes to MongoDB


Python for the C# developer

If you love C# and .NET, you may be surprised to see how many of the features also exist in Python.Did you know many of the things yo love about C# also exist in Python? Lambda expressions, foreach loops , Rich class library , Iterators and many more


10 great Youtube videos to help you learn C# part 1


There are a lot of great resources on youtube for C#, you don’t have to pay for some expensive course with some of our suggestions below there are literally hours of content in this first selection for C#.

C# Tutorial – Full Course for Beginners

A 4 hour plus course by freecodecamp taht will you teach you all the basics of C#, this is an excellent resource, you will learn these topics. Clear discussion and code is on the screen.

Here are the contents of the video which are taken from the link belwo.

Installation & Setup
Drawing a Shape
Data Types
Working With Strings
Working With Numbers
Getting User Input
Building a Calculator
Building a Mad Lib
Return Statement
If Statements
Building a Better Calculator
Switch Statements
While Loops
Building a Guessing Game
For Loops
Building an Exponent Method
2d Arrays
Exception Handling
Classes & Objects
Object Methods
Getters & Setters
Static Class Attributes
Static Methods & Classes


Learn C# Basics in 1 Hour – C# Tutorial For Beginners

This video lasts for one hour in which time you will learn about the following topics

Difference between C# and .NET
Architecture of .NET Applications
Your First C# Program
Variables and Constants
Demo of Variables and Constants
Type Conversion
Demo of Type Conversion

Clear and easy to understand instructor with clear examples on the screen


Create a C# Application from Start to Finish – Complete Course

Thios video lasts nearly 24 hours and goes through building an app from planning stage to the actual coding and debuggging, this is a great idea and a fantastic resource. Hands on examples are always a great way to learn any programming langauge

Here are some of the contents

01 – Initial Planning
Overview Planning
Data Design
User Interface Design
Logic Planning
Class Library Creation
Form Building
SQL Database Design
Prize Form Wire Up
SQL Connection
Text Connection
Create Team Form
Create Tournament Form
Dashboard Form
Tournament Viewer
Error Handling
Emailing Users
Wrapping Up


How to Code a Web Browser in C# .NET w/ Visual Studio

Learn to build a web browser, move from the console to the gui with one of the basic apps you start writing, this 30 minute video will tell you all you need to know


Create CPU & Memory Monitor w/ Speech in C# .NET

Its the guy from the video above again this time you build a CPU and memory monitor app in C#, a little bit of a different example from the usual.


C# Tutorial

Another 1 hour plus of C# learning on topics like

User input,Data Types, Math, Casting, If, Switch, Ternary Operator, While, Do While, For Loops, Foreach, Strings, Formatting Strings, StringBuilder, Arrays, Lists, Exception Handling, Converting to Data Types, Classes, Objects, Getters, Setters, Constructors, Static, Overloading Methods, Object Initializer, Inheritance, Calling Superclass Methods, Overriding Class Methods, Abstract Classes, Interfaces, Generics, Enums, Structs, Anonymous Methods, Lambda Expressions, File I/O and more.

Code is well presented in the videos and the author clearly communicates what he is doing


Create a Screen Recorder in C#

Another interesting 50 minute video example where you create a screen recorder using FFMPEG and C#


C# Design Patterns – step by step

A 2.5 hour video on Design Patterns in C# which is discussed in a manner that beginners can understand


Memory Game with Windows Forms

A nice example for learning C#, you will create a classic game where you have to find the matching pair.


Creating Game Tic Tac Toe with WPF

The classic tic tac toe game in C# using WPF, a good example clearly explained. Just over an hour this one



So there you have it 10 youtube videos on C#, check out the rest of the content they have in their channels, some of them have cracking stuff